Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Used to Multitasking While Engulfed in Pod Fluid

As a new pilot, I am still learning so much that I tend to get information overload from almost everyone I meet.  This is definitely not a bad thing.

Once safely tucked away in my pod aboard my Catalyst, I tuned into the comms chatter of both my corporation (A Black Spot) and that of my fellow bloggers.  I gave my greetings and the comms revealed only static for a short time.  I suppose everyone was sleeping... or... well, I will leave that up to your imaginations.

In any case, it was not much time before someone I had annoyed a few days ago popped up on the blog-comms and I immediately inundated Alexia Morgan with typical friendly banter.  Then yet another person I had annoyed previously pops into the channel, Mike Azariah.  I do not have a whole lot of experience with corporations, but the amount of chattering between the three of us started to remind me of my corporation when we get going.

While Alexia and Mike were schooling me in the ways of New Eden and casually exchanging blogging advice, my corporation comms start blinking at me, begging my attention.  Well of course I have to give my corporation some love too, so I willed my neocom to break both channels out so I can attempt to carry on two or three conversations in my head.

On the corp side, I was getting Ralcoss to fill in the gaps of my political and historical knowledge of our seemingly cramped universe.  We babbled on about the current state of affairs between the races, and started helping Lordhtin piece together what he had not really known to begin with.

Apparently, I am still having trouble adjusting to my capsuleer capabilities.  During all of the exciting comms chatter, I had completely forgotten that I was running a courier mission and I had spent the better part of 10 minutes bouncing off of a jump gate.

Okay!  Backing out of comms just a bit, I nudged myself through the jump gate and continued my mission.  After setting warp to the next jump gate, I dove back into the conversations, and of course, promptly buffeted against the next gate as well.  I am fairly certain I managed to get through that gate after about 2 minutes, which was an improvement, at the least.

When I noticed a couple of red blips on my neocom only about 15km away, I realized that I needed to get my head back in the mission.  I made a couple of warps, to see if they were following me, and thankfully, they were not.  The appearance of the pirates though certainly got me moving to finish the mission and find a safe spot to dock, even if they did ignore a lowly, poorly fit, Catalyst.

A few jumps later, I was sitting the dock waiting on the agent to come claim his items.  It took him a while to get down to me, but after making him wait I thought it only just.  Suddenly I felt tired and decided I would make the return trip quickly and go find a room somewhere.  On the blog-comms I made a comment that I was bored of the courier missions (because I kept turning down all the pew-pew missions as they were directed against Gallente, I'm no traitor!) and Mike Azariah talked me through finding better agents.

Well damn... thanks Mike!  That, of course, changed my course as I set off for an internal security agent's location.  Once I arrived at the dock, I said my farewells and I crawled out of my pod.  I quickly showered off the pod fluid before collapsing into bed next to a Caldari woman.

Yes, Ralcoss, I "consorted with the enemy"... You are no better, you Amarr serving wretch!  Oh and on a side-note:
Threebius sucks!

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