Monday, October 19, 2009

[OOC] Influences

Greetings to my readers, how few you are, and a quick note about the blog.

Normally, my blog is posted as from Caels' perspective as a narrative.  This will continue to be the case for most of my postings, but I've been inspired by some of my fellow bloggers--such as Shae Tiann, Roc Weiler, and Mike Azariah--to try my hand at writing from the third-person, and a more creative, perspective.

For those who do not follow them regularly, please allow me to sum up the things that, in my opinion, make their writings stand out.

Shae's writing is some of the most creative and visual-inspiring work I have ever read.  It is downright moving.  Roc has a knack for retelling missions from his character's persona and adding in some fun dialog to make the whole mission much more involving and realistic.  Mike likes to share his experiences through very thoughtful and descriptive writing that not only tells a story, but typically expands upon a lesson that he has learned or wants to impress upon his readers.

With my writing, I hope to display a combination of these styles to some degree.  I do not expect to be better than any of them, as I greatly enjoy their writings and doubt I have that much creativity in me.  I do, however, hope that you enjoy my writings.

I do plan on modifying this a bit with actual agent names and full corporation names once I can look them up.

An excerpt from my, as of yet, untitled work-in-progress follows:

Yawning deeply, Caels rolled over slowly, stretching out his limbs and back after his unusually long slumber. He smiled to himself as he brushed up against Kechara, who still slept soundly. ‘How long has it been,’ he wondered, ‘since I was able to share a bed with her?’

Absently brushing a wisp of blonde hair over her small ear, his mind wandered over the events of the past several weeks. An icon flashed several times on his data-pad, drawing him from his reverie. It was a new journal entry from one of his more recent acquaintances in the security field. Another mission he was so urgently needed for—“for what, chasing Gallentean traders out of the area,” he bitterly inquired of his Caldari lover as she stirred.

Caels was normally very even-tempered, but this new string of missions that seemed to revolve only around stamping out the Gallente civilians near his station of choice had him seriously considering relocation. He had hoped things would be different so far from the borders, as he already had belongings scattered throughout twenty systems that he had yet to collect.

This particular agent was very quickly losing patience with him, as he always turned down missions that set him against his own people. Sometimes Caels wondered if the agent found anti-Gallente missions for the sole purpose of harassing him. “Capsuleer Caels Caldanhai,” the agent said stiffly, “we have a new assignment for you… if you aren’t wearing your yellow briefs today.”

“Actually, sir, I’m not wearing any briefs at the moment, not that it’s any of your business,” Caels countered as he stifled another yawn. He attempted to hide his smirk as disgust momentarily flitted over the agent’s features. “What can I do for the great NOH today?”

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