Thursday, October 29, 2009

[Informational] Overview Settings

I'm not going to redo an entire tutorial on how to set up your overview, there are already several in existence that are very in-depth and helpful.  What I am going to do here is talk about an overlooked issue when using the filters and states.  I'm at work right now, so I can't pull up any pretty screenshots and show you, but I will try to add them in for you later.

I'm going to give you the short version first, so as to not bore you with too many details that you may not wish to read...

Short Version:
The wrecks of ships you destroy are tagged as "Pilot is in your alliance" and this state must be checked in the overview settings, under Appearance, if you want to see them.

If you feel like reading the rest of the story, keep reading.

Long Version:

Last night I was setting up my overview with multiple tabs and filtering out things for each tab when I came across a strange problem:  My own wrecks (as in, wrecks that I caused) didn't show up in a tab that I had specifically set them to show in.

I have an enemies tab, in which I want to show only npc enemies, people with bad standings, or even people with neutral standings if I'm in low sec.  But when I'm out ratting, I don't want to switch tabs just to find the wrecks, because salvaging takes time and sometimes more enemies come to pew pew you.  I tried and tried to get the wrecks to show up in this tab as well, but was unsuccessful for a good bit.  Not being able to leave the spot I was at because I needed to keep my wrecks nearby to watch the changes to my overview.

I unchecked, rechecked, asked the bloggers in game, double tabbed, control tabbed, cursed and, an hour later, chose to select all and poof there it was!  I knew it wasn't a GUI issue, so I went through all the blocks and one by one, narrowed down what it was that stole my wrecks from Aura's senses.  It didn't take me terribly long to figure out, but I was highly annoyed by the time I finally did, and of course relieved as well.

I make a post of this because I had searched Google,, Massively, and every other place I could find a tutorial on overview settings and came up with absolutely nothing.  In any case, my problem is solved, and hopefully I can save some other people some time and frustration in the future with this post.

If anyone else has any helpful tips that aren't typically covered in the guides or cover something often overlooked in the overview, please feel free to share.

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